Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cartel Coins Generator for Star Wars: The Old Republic

free cartel coins generator star wars the old republic swtor

SWTOR is now Free-To-Play. What a sad day for a game that was expected to conquer World of Warcraft. Only an immense fuck-up like EA Games would be responsible for this mess.

As a "FUCK YOU" to Bioware/EA Games for wasting my $60 USD, time, and ruining the MMO that SHOULD HAVE ruled the online gaming industry, I will now release a Cartel Coins Generator that I've coded in VB.

Download here:

*Side note: This generator may give you a false positive; generators normally have this tendency.*
I will be updating the coin generator as it get patched. Mirrors will also be available.

**Side-side note: I've realized that the background image on the generator does not constrain proportion with the entire window. I'm currently too lazy to update this issue as the generator is still properly working. Next version will look smoother. Thanks.